Jorge & Lynn Mogrovejo

Address: Casilla 01-05-1847 Cuenca, Ecuador, S.A.

Name of your sending organization: One Mission Society, Org.

Number of years serving on the mission field, at home and / or abroad: 20 years

Name of the states or countries where you have served: Ecuador.

Year Calvary Bible Church began their support to you: 1989 (As far back as our records show).

Focus of your missionary activities (church planting, translation, medical or other): Medical Translation, Seminary directing and teaching, academic dean.

Missionary family, include all family members serving with you: Jorge & Lynn Mogrovejo

Activities in which your family members participate: Heidi – Ballet Teacher, Jeremy – US Army, Jonathan – I.T. Manager

Your home church or sending church: Seminary Evangelical Church, Cuenca Ecuador.