Noah's Ark Preschool endeavors to educate using a Bible-centered Curriculum that emphasis the developmental growth of the whole child. Below are examples of the skills that will be learned during the school year.

Fine Motor Skills:

Puts a 10-12 piece puzzle together correctly
Hold scissors correctly
Hold a pencil or crayon properly

Gross Motor Skills:

Runs, jumps and skips
Walks backwards

Social and Communication Skills:

Uses words instead of becoming physical when angry
Speaks clearly so an adult understands him/her
Plays with other children
Follows simple directions
Expresses feelings and needs
Goes to the bathroom by himself/herself
Waits his/her turn and shares
Talks in sentences
Asks questions about things around him/her
Enjoys having books read to him/her
Can tell a story about a past event
Say "please" and "thank you"
Can spend extended periods away from mom and dad

Academic Skills:

Recognizes shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle)
Can sort items by color, shape and size
Can identify six parts of his/her body
Understands concept words such as under, over, up, down, in, out and behind
Counts from 1 to 10
Recognizes 5 colors
Tries to write his/her name
Recognizes his/her written name

Personal Information:

Knows his/her full name
Knows his/her age

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