Get Connected in Sunday School / Adult Bible Fellowship

Sunday School provides the opportunity to study the Bible in small groups. You become more acquainted with God's Word as you become more acquainted with your peers. There are five adult classes from which to choose. Children are grouped based on their age/grade. Classes begin at 10:00 A.M.

Youth Sunday School Classes

Ages 3 & 4
The children will discover the awe and wonder of God as they explore God's fulfilling of His plans.

Kindergarten - Grade 2
The children will discover God's plan to save us through Jesus. The children will also learn of Jesus' example of serving others as he demonstrates God's power and of Jesus' teachings about forgiveness, commitment, humility, and relationships.

Grades 3-5
The older children will be studying the same lessons as the younger children, but with a more age appropriate depth of the topics.

Teens (Grades 6-12)
Our Sunday School lessons encourage the student to value God's word and to understand why we can trust it.

Adult Bible Fellowship Classes

Living Messengers

Home Builders

Faith and Family

Building Up One Another

Elective Class